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Welcome! You have just arrived to the Shounen Gangan Livejournal community. This is a place where you can freely discuss any manga series that is currently running (or used to run) in Gangan. You are very welcome to join if you are a fan of any series such as Kingdom Hearts II, Spiral Alive, Full Metal Alchemist, Shikabane Hime, Soul Eater, Satan 666, Tozasareta Nerugaru or any other series.

The aim of this community is to spread the love of Shounen Gangan and unite Gangan fans around the world!

Anyone can join!

Discussion is what this community is primarily for. Please feel free to discuss anything about any series (but please keep the topic at a PG level, no adult content).

Chapter scans
I have the 2007 November and December issues of Gangan at the moment, plus a few older issues. I have subscribed to the magazine for a year starting from the 2008 January issue.

There are 22 series running in Gangan at the moment. It is impossible for me to scan them all. I will start scanning the ones I read. I'm considering taking requests but can't guarantee anything as of yet because I'm quite busy lately. If no one scans them before me, I will definitely try to scan Kingdom Hearts II, Spiral Alive and Shikabane Hime every month. Full Metal Alchemist is available from several other sources therefore I will not be scanning it. I will also take requests for any colour scans (those related to Square-Enix games and merchandises) in Gangan.

If you also own Gangan and would like to help with scanning - that'd be wonderful!

The scans will be posted under friends-only lock to encourage more people to join the community.

Community rules

Nice and simple is the way everyone likes it I think.

1. Respect all members in the community. Flames, discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
2. No inappropriate material, such as adult content.
3. Community advertisements related to Gangan are allowed.
4. Post entries in English only.
5. Please don't use HUGE font sizes.

Moderators of this community:
kowaiki This is me, I'm the pioneer of this comm~ Feel free to ask questions if you have any regarding this place. As far as I know, I don't bite.
ashura_sama The one and only other moderator of this comm. She'd like to be known as the "IT helpdesk person and junior Japanese helpdesk person" XD We're looking at beautifying this comm with a better layout soon.

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